What to do with all that lovely Chard!

A Jamie Oliver recipe for a Greek style Chard and feta cheese pie is worth looking up … I just made a version tonight: onions and fennel sliced and cooked in a little oil til soft, add garlic and sliced stems of about 300gr of Chard (or more) … cook a few minutes more.  Add the sliced up leaves of the chard and let wilt with the main veggie mix. Add a little chopped parsley, chopped Dill (very important!) and  1 teaspoon grated lemon rind (also important). Leave aside in a bowl, season well.  Then slice and fry 2 courgettes til cooked. Assemble the pie in quite  a large deep dish… put in the chard mix first and level it, crumble over half a block of Feta cheese and half a small round of Goats cheese then cover with the courgettes slices.  Beat together 3 eggs and pour over it all. Top with a pastry lid (he used filo pastry, I prefer rough puff pastry)  decorated if you wish and brushed with milk and scattered with poppy or sesame seeds. Bake about 35 minutes til pastry cooked.  Leave to cool a little … best warm or cold, not hot. Serves 6

Another “best” with Chard of course is Sag Aloo … and I am not good enough to quote any asian recipes …. but lots of variations on that from hot spicy to creamy Korma style…. a main meal by itself!  Happy days.



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