Veg pick up now from Cartref!



As of this week the veg pick up will now be from Cartref COCA, our community straw building!


Cartref boxes

This marks the start of full time use of the building, which was built thanks to a huge amount of volunteer effort. As well as serving as the weekly harvest and pick up point, the building also provides storage for all of COCA’s veg, and space for our members and volunteers to work on COCA projects. It will also be the site for this year’s AGM.

For those that have not yet been to the builing, it is located immediately on the right just as you enter the Caerhys driveway, and there is a small parking area off the driveway. (Please take care not to block the gates to the stables.)

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  1. gill Lewis says:

    … and its brilliant! so much more space and light. Major thanks to Dave Thomas for the vision (and getting the funding) and to all those who put in hours and days and weeks of their time (they know who they are… no need for blushes!)

    On behalf of the Harvesting Friday Mob … we felt proper professional and finished an hour earlier than usual. Amazing.

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