Straw bale building while the sun shines!


From this Thursday (1st October) through to the middle of next week we will be building the straw bale walls for Cartref COCA and putting the roof on.

On Thursday, Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday we will be working on the bale walls and then on next Tuesday and Wednesday (6th & 7th October) we will put the roof trusses in position and fit timber sheets in readiness for the green roof.

Any volunteers who can come down and help will be greatly appreciated.

Mainly the work will involve – cutting and fixing noggins, cutting and sharpening the bale stakes, carefully placing the bales (to make sure the walls are straight and true), resizing bales (where necessary), compressing the walls with straps and banding, fix the trusses in place, fix the bracing and gable ladders and cutting and fixing the roof sheets. There is a lot to do!

Regardless of ability everyone is welcome – all we ask is that you contact Dave Thomas beforehand to let him know that you want to help and which day as we want to make sure that we plan the work according to the number of volunteers we have. Contact Dave by email on or mobile 07968568076.

Finally, if anyone has any ratchet straps we can borrow then please drop them off at the farm or let Dave Thomas know. You will be able to have them back at the middle of next week once the roof is on. Thanks.

Cartref COCA is part funded via the Awards for All grant from the the Big Lottery Fund and the Little Green Grant from Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS).

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