St Davids Day Market

The day went well with a very good response from the local stall holders who welcome COCA veg and said ‘ it was about time’ we made a face in St David’s on market day. Jenny, Jay and Gill got off to a great start setting the stall up with the new banner and clean fresh veg

We anticipated doing a Marketing of Caerhys to attract more members and found a possible 3 interested who took starter packs and 4 very potential who also took forms.
The day got busier as we sold quite a lot of potato seedlings, leeks, carrots, parsnips , Sarpo Mira blight resistant potatoes, turnips- fresh salad leaf bags, chutney and kale, though we need to get Kale onto the Welsh diet list!!

The Mayor and ceremony was also a great success and he thanked all the local stall holders for putting up a good show.
May I take a moment to thank all who gave their time today to make the first market stall a great success .

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