Price comparison

How does COCA stack up against the supermarkets?

COCA vegetables are collected and weighed. These weights are then compared directly with the equivalent weight of organic produce at Tesco online. This gives a ‘value for money’ figure which shows how well COCA compares with Tesco for that week:

Why compare against Tesco?

One of COCA’s aims is to enable wider access to organic produce. Though we are also trying do this sustainably, and support local producers, we want to try to keep the price of membership affordable.

Tesco is the biggest supermarket chain in the UK, and is also direct competition for COCA members, with a store in Haverfordwest – so we hope it’s a realistic ‘conventional’ alternative. It’s also possible to do the comparison online using Tesco’s website!

This is a ‘best efforts’ comparison done on a volunteer basis by one of our members when they can. If you would like to help keep it up to date, or extend it to compare with other suppliers, please do get in touch!

Why did the cost of the COCA share go up in September 2015?

We voted at the 2015 AGM to raise the monthly minimum cost of a share, effective from July 2015 onwards – for more details see here. We didn’t have a price comparison at this time, so the increase only shows up when the price comparison resumed.

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