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Everyone should have access to locally grown, healthy food and know who grew it and how. Agree? Then maybe you’d fancy getting involved in running Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA)…

COCA is a community supported agriculture project and one of the most dynamic in Wales. It’s hosted at Caerhys Farm by the Miles family and is organised by the Core Group including Gerald and Caz Miles (who do most of the work to grow the food) and eight others from the area (Stuart, Gill, Gabrielle, Nathan, Anthony, Rosie, Dave L and Dave T) who carry out different roles on a voluntary basis. We feed household members from across North Pembrokeshire including St Davids, Fishguard and Haverfordwest.

Unfortunately Dave L, ┬áStuart and Anthony have decided to give up their ┬ároles and they are sincerely thanked by the remainder of the Core Group for all their hard work – they will be missed.

So…we have a number of roles to fill: Chairperson, Membership Secretary and Treasurer and a brief description of each is found below. Each role can be shared if necessary. If you are interested in getting involved (in these roles or something different) then come along to COCA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday April 25th at 7.30pm at the Royal George in Solva – everyone is welcome. Or you can get in touch with Dave Thomas and he will get back to you. You can also come along to COCA’s Inaugural Annual Onion Day on Saturday 30th April from 10am at Caerhys Farm (Berea, St Davids, SA626DX) and see the farm and meet the people involved.


Chairperson’s role:

The COCA chairperson is responsible for:

1. The smooth running of monthly meetings.
2. Guiding the Core Group’s work towards the aims and objectives of COCA.

Membership secretary role:

The COCA membership secretary is responsible for:

1. Maintaining the COCA membership register with joiners and leavers.
2. Welcoming new members and facilitating their first veg pick up.
3. Keeping the COCA grower abreast of the veg share numbers for each harvest.
4. Reporting to the core group on membership numbers, trends and any issues.

Treasurer role:

1. Check each month the income received from members by bank transfer.
2. Pay in cheques and cash to the account via the Post Office.
3. Make payments as necessary to suppliers and contract workers.
4. Check bank statements as they are received.
5. Record all transactions on a monthly spreadsheet.
6. Provide a breakdown each month of income and expenditure by various categories.
7. Liaise with Membership Secretary to keep track of new and departing members.
8. Consult with the finance group regarding budgets.
9.Consult with the finance group on fundraising.
10.Draw up a yearly report on Corporation Tax liability in consultation with accountant.

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