Helping with Friday Harvests

Hi all … Friday harvest starts at around 11am in these dark winter days and we really would appreciate more help, if possible, especially as one of the “regulars” is away at the moment.

Lack of help is limiting the harvest and what you find in your box. For example this week we didnt pick Brussel Sprouts because we didn’t have time/ manpower (they are picked individually) and we were already thoroughly soaked pulling Leeks and picking Kale.  And we didn’t bag the Oriental leaves because we didn’t have the time to weigh out 50 bags this afternoon. Instead we are asking you to weigh out your own Oriental leaves  from a big bag in the Share Shed (scales and bags are there) … don’t forget!! And weigh carefully … if you take too much there won’t be enough to go round.

Good news though is that the winter crops are doing well out in the field, and we see Cauliflowers coming, Sprouting Broccoli getting ready to sprout, Cabbages swelling and Chard recovering well after the last storm.

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