Fantastic French Beans

Those beans are top quality … picked at perfection! Well done team, both for growing them and picking and storing them.  Had a dish tonight of just lightly steamed beans with a little grated cheese and black pepper …. yummy.

Very easy to freeze, if you think you have too many. Prep the beans, drop into simmering water for 30 secs til it is back on the boil. Then remove with slotted spoon straight into chill water with ice cubes. Drain after they have cooled and seal in plastic tubs in the deep freeze.  If you freeze a lot all at once when they are wet they become a solid block that all has to be thawed at once.  But if you “open freeze” them for an hour on a baking tray loose in the deep freeze and then pack them into the boxes or bags and back into the freezer, they will freeze separately and in the winter or next year’s “hungry gap” you can just take out as much as you need for any meal … and the taste and texture is almost as good as they are now.  And the vitamin content high as ever.

Same basic method for freezing all our wonderful glut of summer veg.

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