Come and help this Saturday!

We wouldn’t be asking for help if it wasn’t needed. From 10am onwards, up to about 3pm; come and go as you please. We hope as many of you as possible will turn out this Saturday for an hour or two to help planting in the field …. it really makes a difference.

Prepare to get a bit dirty. Planting will involve kneeling down (but there will be other tasks that don’t require kneeling.)  If you can, bring a trowel, but no worries if you cannot … we have a range of tools here.  And it may be chillier  out in the open field than you expect, so bring a coat. With a pile of people the task is much more fun, and so much can get done. Great morale boost for all!

And the COCA field is a beautiful place to be as well…..

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