Cartref COCA Update

On Tuesday we took a step closer to finishing our new community building Cartref COCA. We spent the day laying the floor which was compacted limestone aggregate – fortunately we were indoors as the weather was typically unpredictable for March – sunshine, driving rain, hailstones and back to sunshine again!


It was hard work as we had to barrow all of the stone into the building but this didn’t stop us! We got most of the floor done in the time we had and we can now get a really good feel for the space. The stone floor is a really effective solution as it is low cost and relatively quick to lay and will keep our produce close to the soil they have come from when they are awaiting weekly collection by members.

We will get the rest of the floor finished in the coming weeks and will then move on to get lights and electric sockets put in. We also need to put another coat of lime on when weather is right.

Anyone who wants to help out and be kept informed of volunteer work sessions then get in touch with Dave Thomas

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3 Responses to Cartref COCA Update

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    Was too stony Philipa but we’ll be sure to have plenty of hand prints when we put on the final coat of lime on the inside walls 🙂

  2. Can’t see any children’s footprints in that newly laid floor! 🙂

  3. gill Lewis says:

    brilliant! well done ! … wish I coul;d have been there!

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