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Last Saturday 27th June we had a great turnout to build the car tyre foundation for our new community building. Almost thirty people turned up during the course of the day and the help of everyone was greatly appreciated.

We spent a couple of hours initially setting out the level for which the tyres would need to go to and then we positioned all the tyres into place – posed a bit of an arithmetic challenge as we had lots of different tyre widths! We had 16 tonnes of clean granite chippings delivered earlier in the week and it proved relatively easy to work with to fill the tyres, although some brute force was required to make sure the tyres were well packed. We had a much needed break at around 12.30 and after our shared lunch went at it again. Fortunately lots of hands made light work and we were finished by around 3pm. Was a very successful day and could not have been done without the help of everyone who came.

In July we hope to get all of the carpentary prep work done ahead of building the straw bale walls with this year’s harvest in August.

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