Best thing since sliced bread


Say hello to Pembrokeshire’s freshest social enterprise…Torth Y Tir…a new bakery based out of St Davids. They bake the tastiest and most honest bread around. What’s more it’s a community supported bakery which means anyone can become a member of Torth Y Tir; see for themselves how the bread is made and if they want can get involved in how the bakery is run. In fact now is a very good time to get involved. Torth Y Tir has been chosen by the A-Team Foundation to receive £6,000 funding towards fitting out their new bakery but on one BIG condition…that they raise £6,000 themselves first! Once they do this the A-Team will match it and then they will have £12,000! Please help them to be successful by donating what you can at this weblink:

They have until 10th November to raise the money.

At COCA we wish Torth Y Tir much success on their journey and hope that members and friends of COCA can support them too.

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  1. Rupert Dunn says:

    Thanks so much for the support COCA!
    Just a small point of correction that much of the money raised will go towards farm costs, with around £4,000 going towards preliminary bakery development costs including building surveys, architects drawings & planning application so we are ‘funding ready’ for applying for stage two funds to the Welsh Government.

    We hope you can support us on this journey.

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