The COCA Vision

Our vision

  • A community of people sharing and supportingĀ organic food production, in a spirit of friendship and trust

Our aims

  • To produce organic vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, and enable wider access to local organic meat, dairy products and eggs
  • To enable members to live and eat well in an organic and sustainable way
  • To support sustainable food production in the local area
  • To grow a community around the project based on shared work, social activity and a spirit of friendship
  • To develop in whatever way the members feel will help achieve these aims

Our principles

  • That organic food production provides the best and most nutritious food for all, maintains fertile soils and ensures a healthy, diverse environment into the future
  • That supporting local organic farmers and producers is worthwhile for local consumers
  • That co-operation, shared risks and shared benefits, and a spirit of friendship are fundamental to the operation of the group
  • That decisions should be arrived at by consensus wherever possible