A perfect day for straw

image imageBathed in September sunshine the straw bales for our low impact community building were baled today down the road in St Davids. They are all now safely tucked up in the barn at Caerhys ready to be made into the walls for Cartref COCA later this month.

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3 Responses to A perfect day for straw

  1. Dave Thomas says:

    We’re busy sourcing all the materials at the moment as we need everything to hand once we start building the bale walls. Plus we’ll need a period of settled weather, so will be looking closely at the forecast before we start. Earliest will be end of Sept and fingers crossed for some decent weather in October to get it all done.

  2. Val Buick says:

    Brilliant, straw always look so warm and cosy at this time of year.
    Just like COCA!

  3. gill Lewis says:

    what a great forward-looking image! Cant wait to get going with the walls and seeing the Cartref emerge. Have we a date yet for the job?

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