Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA) is an agricultural scheme run for and supported by the local community. COCA members share delicious organic food grown in partnership with local farmers.

Read more about how COCA works, or watch the video below to hear from Gerald Miles, the owner of Caerhys farm.

Our concept is simple and based on mutual benefit and shared risk.  Sharers pay a monthly membership, throughout the year, and once a week visit Caerhys Organic Farm (close to St David’s) or the nearest pick-up point to where they live to collect their share of freshly harvested seasonal vegetables.

Apart from a colourful array of vegetables, sharers can also buy fresh local produce – organic milk, cheese, eggs and free-range organic meats – and other locally sourced organic fruit and vegetables.  We work with nearby organic farmers to ensure the range and quality of produce available to members is the best it can be.

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and I am really showing off cos I made the basket as well, in a COCA workshop this summer

Why not take advantage of our FREE trial box!  This will be an example full-share from our weekly harvest.  Get in touch to find out more